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Google Cloud Print

Try Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print lets you print from anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to connected LTS public site printers via your Lehigh Google account. Make sure you are signed into your Lehigh Google account.

Please let LTS know what you think of Google Cloud Print:

Print to Google Cloud Print on iPhone, iPad, or iPod

You can print files uploaded to your Lehigh Google Drive via the Google Drive app available for iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Download the Google Drive app from the iTunes store:

After downloading and installing the app, sign in with your Lehigh account username and password to access your Lehigh Google Drive account. NOTE: your username is your full Lehigh email address.

Print to Google Cloud Print via Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser (available at allows you to print to any Google Cloud Print enabled printer on campus. You can print any file or webpage that opens in Chrome as well as any files you have uploaded to Lehigh Google Drive including PDFs, MS Office files, and image files.

Print via Email to LTS Printers

You can print to LTS public site printers by emailing an attachment to the printer's designated email address. This makes printing easy from any device--no need to download individual printer drivers, connect to the VPN, or the print server.

LUNA Device Compatibility List

General Notes on Compatibility

Most wireless media devices are usable on the LUNA network. The List below represents the most used or asked about devices by Lehigh students. Generally media devices that come with their own remote should work OK.

Devices that require a phone or laptop to configure and/or use will not work. Examples of these types of devices would be wireless printers and Google Chromecast.


Zoom is a video conferencing and recording platform offered by Lehigh. Anyone at Lehigh with a Lehigh username can host a Zoom meeting. Zoom recordings are available to all students, faculty, and staff. Non-professional zoom recordings limit the recording of the session to the desktop only. The professional version can record to the cloud.

Start Here

Using Zoom
Schedule a Zoom Meeting


Turnitin is an internet-based tool that allows users to check for unoriginal text and content in electronic documents. It compares submitted work to a variety of available search target and provides the instructor with an "originality report" that highlights matching text and shows the source of the match. Turnitin assignments can be created and submitted via Course Site at Lehigh.


The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning maintains an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), most commonly known as a drone. A drone is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The drone is operated under remote control by a human operator on the ground and can be used for many applications including aerial photography.

Faculty who wish to learn more about utilizing a drone for use in course teaching or research should contact Scott Rutzmoser (scr211) or Steve Lichak (sjl4).


The Lightboard is a glass "chalkboard" pumped full of light. It is available for creating forward-facing presentations with the ability to write on the glass in front of you. The writing appears to "glow" to the viewer. It can be used to create lecture content, presentations for assignments, concept explanations, and more. Lehigh's Lightboard is located inside the One Button Studio in room 522A inside EWFM Library.


Transition Guide for AFS Static Websites

Library and Technology Services is making a minor change to the way in which we provide hosting for simple static web sites at Lehigh. The change involves the file system wherein the pages are stored, and it should be completely transparent to most users. All of the files will automatically be migrated to the new system, and visitors to the web sites will not see any difference. For anyone who has made changes to their sites within the last year or so, the procedures for making changes to your site going forward will not change.


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