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Controlling Displays with the Touch Panel in an LTS-equipped Classroom

The starting point for use of display systems in most LTS Facilities (especially High Technology Classrooms) a touch-screen control panel. They do come in different sizes, from a few inches across up to the size of a regular computer display. The following items will help familiarize you with the capabilities of the panels:

Configure Android for Lehigh Gmail

There are 2 sets of instructions for configuring Lehigh Gmail for Android devices. The first set (STEPS 1-7) is for devices running Android v5.0 or higher. The second set (STEPS 8-17) is for devices running Android v4.0-4.9.

LUapps Software List

LUapps software currently available:

Software Acquisition and Distribution Procedure

A Software Request Form must be completed by an Faculty or Staff member which meets the following requirements:

LUapps Requests:

  • Faculty and Staff who request software to be installed on LUapps should request the software 2 months prior to the desired deployment date.

Classrooms / Public Sites:

Software Committee

Committee Charge:  Establish guidelines and processes for purchasing and evaluating software requests, discontinuing underutilized software and determining the best method for distributing software and reviewing software licenses. 
The LTS Software Committee schedules monthly meetings to review progress on planning goals, evaluate software usage data, review software renewals as well as the following:
  • The acquisition of new software and the review of new software requests

Searching SciFinder from ChemOffice Pro

One of the features of ChemOffice Pro is the ability to search the SciFinder information service with drawn chemical structures and reactions.  This does require a SciFinder account.  Set one up first if you don't already have it.  If you have ChemOffice Pro installed, and your SciFinder credentials ready, follow the procedure below to execute a search:

Advanced DSLR - Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO Explained (Videos)

Here are some useful YouTube videos explaining how Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO work on DLSR camera.

1) Aperture Explained:

Advanced Lighting (Videos)

Here are some very useful YouTube videos that discuss advanced lighting principles.

1) Cinematic Lighting Techniques:

Connect to the Lehigh Network with Cisco AnyConnect on macOS

After downloading and installing the Cisco AnyConnect client software for your device, as described on the VPN service page, you'll need to configure it and create a connection in order to begin accessing services that are inside Lehigh's network firewall.


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