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Video Basics - Transitions

by Allen Kingsbury & Jarret Brown
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Once all of the scenes are shot, the video is edited. Each scene is placed on a time line and tied to the next by a transition. There are a few basic transitions common to most video productions. The most common is the cut.

Video Basics - Camera Movement

by Allen Kingsbury & Jarret Brown
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With video, unlike still photography or painting, the frames can move as shots are created. The three most common camera moves are zoom, pan/tilt, and tracking.

Video Basics - Shot Types

by Allen Kingsbury & Jarret Brown
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In video, we give names to several of the ways we can put frames around our subjects. In this example you see a Wide or Establishing Shot. Here the subjects are shown in their context. Note the placement of the subjects on the one third lines of the frame.

Video Basics - Composition and Framing

by Allen Kingsbury & Jarret Brown
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Video can be seen as a series of still photographs. The subject, the background, and other elements of the image need to be arranged in an artistic way. The composition starts with a frame: Where will you place your subject in the picture relative to the edges?

Using Stata on the Virtual Site (Mac)

Stata is now available in a virtual environment. It can be run on- or off-campus. Follow these steps to install and configure VMware Horizon Client and VPN, and to access Stata and manage files from your computer.

Top 10 Rules for Video Editing

By Gretchen Siegchrist, Guide
By following some simple rules for video editing you can make your movies flow together smoothly, in a classic style, without resorting to multiple transitions.
Of course, rules were made to be broken and creative editors take extreme artistic license. But, if you are new to the craft of video editing, learn these rules and consider them a foundation from which to develop your skills.

Video Assignment Calculator

A guideline of steps to follow and resources available at Lehigh when making a video project.

Installing ArcGIS Pro

LTS maintains a site license for many ESRI Products. This license includes the ArcGIS Pro suite of software. Faculty, staff and students can install this software on personal  or Lehigh-owned computers. 

Visit Lehigh's software install page for additional licensing information or to view and download the GIS software packages from ESRI.


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