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Thunderbird to Lehigh Gmail: Equivalent functions

Popular Thunderbird functions and their Lehigh Gmail web interface equivalents.



Lehigh Gmail

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Video Credits - Guidelines

Video Credits – Guidelines
Just as you would give attributions when creating a bibliography, footnotes, or works referenced for a paper, you should provide credits at the end of your video.

Your professor may want full citations handed in for your film’s referenced scholarship, images, footage, etc., but for the actual video the following is what we suggest:

Here are examples of commonly used credits for non-fiction films:

Install ChemOffice Pro on macOS

Once you've downloaded an installer from Perkin Elmer for the ChemOffice Pro software, follow these steps to install it on your computer.

Download ChemOffice Pro 17 for Non-Lehigh Computers

In order to download the installation program for ChemOffice Professional, all users must first register with the Perkin Elmer’s new ‘Download Center’ using their Lehigh email address.  Once registered, the installation files can be downloaded, and the software installed. 

Cisco Unity Voice Mail Menus and Shortcuts

Main Menu and Shortcuts

While listening to the Main Menu, press: 


Advanced Gmail Features

Beyond the Basics: Gmail Tips and Tricks


Install the VMWare Horizon Client on Linux

The following instructions guide users on installing the VMWare Horizon Client software, which is used to access virtual software provided by LTS.  The instructions assume that you have internet access and appropriate permissions on your device to install the software.  The example system tested is running Ubuntu 16.04 with it's standard desktop GUI. 

LTS Public Site Podium PC Audio Output Troubleshooting

If the computers audio isn't coming out from the room speakers, follow the instructions below to configure it.

Access local files from Virtual Software [macOS]

The following instructions will guide you through making folders and repositories on your local computer (Desktop, Documents; Dropbox; Google Drive; etc.) available inside virutalized applications running inside the VMware Horizon (Virtual Software) client in macOS. This documentation assumes you are already logged in to Lehigh's virtual software server. If you need help logging in please review these stepwise instructions.


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