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Access to Lehigh administrative systems and software (Banner/Argos/Desktop Finance etc.)

You can access many Lehigh administrative systems and software from off-campus locations.

Note: All of the following administrative systems and software require the use of the Lehigh VPN, except where noted. Be sure to install and configure the Lehigh VPN before accessing any of these systems or applications.

  • Banner: Access Banner Application Navigator (“Banner Forms”) at Additional Banner links can be found on the Banner Links web page (authentication required).
  • Argos: Access Argos at Note that the “Advancement Argos Instance” is related to the activities of Development and Alumni Relations, and the “Lehigh General Argos Instance” is the faculty/staff reporting software. If you need access to the client, LUapps has the client software under “Admin - Argos” for faculty/staff and “Admin - Argos DAR” for Development and Alumni Relations.
  • Form Fusion and Intellecheck:  Visit Argos at, then select the Lehigh General Argos Instance.
  • Desktop Finance: Access Desktop Finance on LUapps. Choose Admin - Desktop Finance from the main menu.
  • Other Banner Database Tools: SQL Developer and AppXtender also have LUapps entries. Access them under Admin - SQL Developer and Admin - EMC AppXtender, respectively.
  • ODBC Access Databases: If you are remoting into your office desktop, you will be able to access your data via Access as normal. If you are using a Lehigh-imaged portable workstation (i.e. laptop) directly, you will need to have the following components up and running (once you do, you can use your Access databases as usual):
    • You must be connected to the Lehigh VPN for network connectivity to Lehigh internal resources (such as the Banner database).
    • You must have your J:\ drive connected to access ODBC. Should you lose this or other network drive connections, use the following instructions to reconnect: J: drive, H: drive, I: drive
  • Tableau: Access Tableau at
  • Sunapsis: If you are an Admin user, first connect to the Lehigh VPN then login with your Lehigh credentials. VPN is not required for the Sunapsis client version
  • MobaXterm: The Lehigh VPN is required to access anything on the network using MobaXterm (servers, download directories, etc.). If you don’t already have MobaXterm installed, you can get it at
  • DocuSign: VPN is not required for DocuSign. Existing users can login at Request a new account via the Help Desk. You will receive training and permissions for actions, such as sending documents, after you receive your account.

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