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Two-factor Authentication
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What's Changing?

In spring 2019, Lehigh University began increasing the security and safety of the campus community through two-factor authentication, a new security method essential to protect Lehigh data. After you enroll, two-factor authentication will be required when logging into certain Lehigh sites or services, including G Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc.), Moodle (Course Site), and others.

Lehigh University has partnered with Duo Security to provide this simple, secure login process. The service is immediately available to all faculty, staff, and students. Starting September, 2019 the service was required for all faculty and staff. Visit Confluence for the Get Started Guide and more.

You don’t have to wait!

Why Do We Need Two-Factor Authentication?

Colleges and universities across the country are recognizing that they need more than a password to protect their digital assets.

Verifying your identity at login with a second factor, such as your cell phone or landline, adds another layer of security to the sensitive information you access online, dramatically reducing the risk of someone else gaining control of your account, even if your password is compromised.

Two-Factor Authentication with Duo. More than a password.

How does Duo Security work?

Similar to the technology many banks use, Two-Factor Authentication with Duo verifies your identity at logon using two factors: something you know (your password), plus something you have (a mobile phone, for example) to confirm that the person trying to access your account is actually you.

  1. When you visit a Duo-protected Lehigh site or service, you provide something you know: Your Lehigh username and password.
  2. You verify who you are with something you have (your smartphone, tablet, cell phone, office/home phone, or security key).
  3. You are granted secure access to the application.

Once you have enrolled, you will be able to deny access to your accounts (on your Duo-enrolled device) if someone is trying to sign in as you.

Something you know plus something you have equals secure access

What devices or second factors can I use?

Two-factor Authentication with Duo supports a number of devices and methods of authentication.

  • Push using Duo Mobile on a smartphone or tablet (LTS-recommended primary)
  • Phone call to mobile or landline (LTS-recommended secondary)
  • Passcode using Duo Mobile
  • Physical (YubiKey) security key
  • Generate Backup Codes for printing (requires you are already enrolled in Duo)

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