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Ilena D. Key, Ed.D., Chief Technology Officer

"LTS has always been flexible, agile, and responsive to changing technology needs. We look forward to working with the broader campus community as a partner in the University's evolving research and learning infrastructure, and maintaining the superior level of performance and reliability that students, faculty, and staff expect of our systems and services."

Boaz Nadav-Manes University Librarian

“The Lehigh Libraries transform the ways that faculty, students, and the public create, discover, and access information, whether on-campus, in our diverse communities, or halfway around the world. We are your expert partners to innovate and explore collections, services, digital curation, and preservation of Lehigh’s scholarly resources and legacy.”

Jesse Pearson Director, Administration & Planning

"LTS is committed to fiscally responsible decision-making as we all work to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic. Our sound strategic planning helps ensure funding and support for technological, academic, and scholarly resources that enrich the Lehigh experience and advance the university's goals."

Eric Zematis Chief Information Security Officer

"Today's cybersecurity landscape looks much different than even a few short years ago, with organizations under relentless (and more creative) attack from online threats. Protecting Lehigh's systems and data through proactive threat reduction and security response measures is our singular focus -- all day, every day."

Greg Reihman, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services

“In countless conversations across campus, Lehigh faculty, students, and staff are working together to anticipate and define what teaching, learning, research, and campus administration will look like in 2021. LTS is committed to partnering with colleagues to promote new pedagogies, expand our scholarly collections into emerging fields, deploy emerging digital technologies, meet ever-growing data storage and research computing needs, and develop the support systems needed to continue Lehigh’s tradition of educational and research excellence."