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Adrian Suarez '22 Help Desk Consultant
Adrian Suarez '22, Help Desk Consultant

Students are an important part of Library and Technology Services at Lehigh University. LTS is one of the largest employers of students on campus. Opportunities span from entry-level positions requiring no specific experience to highly specialized roles working with innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Students find challenging and fulfilling work in many areas of LTS, including:

  • Lehigh Libraries Special Collections
  • TRAC Fellows
  • Information Security
  • Digital Media Studio
  • Communications & Graphic Design
  • Computing Consulting
  • STARS (Student Technology & Repair Services)
  • CITL Student Fellowships
  • Help Desk
  • Library Circulation Desk
Jenny Lee '21 | TRAC Fellow

"Not only has TRAC introduced me to a community of intelligent and compassionate scholars, it has shaped the way I think about education and scholarship. As a Mentor Fellow, I hope to embody our mission and support fellows in their efforts to make a lasting impact on Lehigh’s learning community."

Matthew Briggs '23 | Digital Media Studio

"Working at the DMS Lab has taught me technical skills using multimedia programs like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, and given me real world experience shooting professional quality video of lectures and talks here at Lehigh."

Anna Francisco '21 | Help Desk

"I enjoy helping the Lehigh community while also gaining technical knowledge. At the end of each shift I can walk away knowing I brought clients one-step closer (if not all the way) to solving their technical difficulties."

Matt Levy '20 | Information Security

"You get what you give. If you put in the effort to learn new things and want to do something in the cyber realm after college, this is definitely the best opportunity that you can take at Lehigh."

Niki Morrison '20 | Communications

"Working in communications allowed me to challenge myself and the way I process ideas. I’ve had the most joy in seeing my work viewed by fellow students and faculty across campus. I now know that communications is what I want to incorporate into my career."

Jordan Wolman '20 | Lending Services

"My job at the library has exposed me to new dedicated people at Lehigh who are working to ensure students have a top-notch educational experience. I've learned important organizational and communication skills that I know will serve me well in future endeavors."

Michelle Modzelewska '20 | Computing Consulting

“It’s a very fulfilling experience. Actually visiting clients, making an impact on campus, keeping the system of computers running. It’s just a work study, but in reality, you’re doing much more than work study."

Ved Patel '19 | CITL

"I love when students come into the Visualization Lab and use the really cool VR applications, seeing their reactions, and talking to them about how it’s going to affect their coursework, and if it actually affected their understanding of things."

Ben Brindle '21 | Special Collections

"Working for Special Collections has taught me important research and archival skills and has given me the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects while learning university history."