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Request for Banner Access


Access to Banner includes granting permission to forms in Internet Native Banner (INB) to view and/or edit data or granting permission to link to Banner tables for reporting from Banner. Below are the instructions for requesting each.

Internet Native Banner (INB)

The employee's supervisor determines the forms needed to perform the job. The supervisor also determines if the employee should have view only access (query) or have data entry (maintenance) access to the forms. (The employee is granted access to User Classes, each of which include forms related to a specific function)

Access is requested by either:

  • Submitting a ticket to Select Enterprise Systems, then select Banner Training for your request. Describe the Banner access needed or request access be the same as (Name/userID) who already has the access needed.
  • Sending an email request listing the forms, (or user classes, if known), to the data manager(s) responsible for the functional area. Since many jobs require access to several functional areas in Banner, an email may need to be sent to more than one data manager. Please CC the email address on the email request.

When approval is granted, Banner navigation and searching training and FERPA training must be completed prior to receiving a Banner password. If a ticket had been submitted for Banner access (see above), the user will be contacted to schedule training.
If a ticket had not already been submitted, please submit a request to the Enterprise Systems option on the page. Select Banner Training as the request type.

Banner Reporting Access

Some employees also need access to run reports from Banner by linking to Banner tables and/or views. Similar to user classes, Banner reporting roles include the tables needed for reporting from a functional area. Follow the procedure above to request reporting access (tables or reporting roles) for an individual.

See Reporting and Data Requests for additional information.

Desktop Finance Reporting Database

A Microsoft Access database was designed to provide user-friendly access to Banner Finance and related reports and financial data. This database is maintained by Bob Siegfried, Director of Finance and Administration Systems, and is available to all Banner Financial Managers and their designees. To request access, simply send an email request to

Access to Banner Finance is required to used this database. A Banner Access Request Form is available at
Once access has been approved, the database may be copied from the directory J:\banner\DesktopFinance. A user manual is also available at that location. The database naming convention is “Desktop_Finance_dmrt_mmddyy.mdb” where mmddyy indicates the date of revision. The database is updated periodically and users are notified by email when enhancements are made.


For additional help, please contact